Gloria Mandelik

Apsara Apsara (in collaboration with Luis Fuente)
Neoclassical Ballet with elements of Indian Dance;
Music by Ravi Shankar.

Ai To Chugui (Love and Duty)
The story of a geisha and two samurais;
Traditional Japanese music.

Relationships ... Aloneness
A woman reminisces about the great loves of her life;
Music by Mendelssohn, Vivaldi, Brahms and Albinoni.

Fusion of Classical Indian Dance and Classical Ballet;
Le Voyage des Tziganes Traditional music from India.

Le Voyage des Tziganes
The voyage of the gypsies from India, their country of origin, through Eastern Europe and Spain;
Music of India, Rumania and Spain.

Hispano/Oriental/Contemporary Dance and Music;
Music composed and performed by Luis Paniagua.

The Elements The Elements: Homage to Planet Earth
Each element is represented in a different dance style, symbolizing the different races and their equal value. Throughout the choreography, human relationships and situations are attributed to the play between the elements;
Music by Moskowsky, Corelli, Vivaldi and Widor.

The Castle of a Hundred Windows
A magic cat contemplates life from a hundred windows of the castle and transforms herself into a princess to fulfil her destiny;
Music by Lalo, Bizet and Fauré.

Tirmanam Tirmanam II
Three dance styles weave an intricate pattern to Indian traditional music.

Spanish Dance
For a production of the Coma Theatre in Tokyo.

Tirmanam III
Classical ballet on Indian music.

De Madrid al Cielo
Classical ballet, music by Ruperto Chapí.

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