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"Pirouetting to tha-ka-thi-mi-tha"
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by Prashanti Ganesh of Express News Service
(24 November 2011)

The Gala included the performance of eleven stars of international prestige. ... The Gloria Mandelik Dance Co. featured the suppleness and rhythm of ... Gloria Mandelik herself."
La Voz, October 1997 (Lanzarote, Spain)

"Later, an example of the exotic beauty of Indian dance was interpreted by Gloria Mandelik which augmented the enthusiasm as the evening continued."
El Mundo, May 1994

Gala International Day of Dance, Madrid 1994
"Also a great success was the personal dance offered by Gloria Mandelik, inspired by India, which reminded us that the world is large and diverse, that dance is ancient and universal by nature and that we are not the centre of things, especially in dance."
El País, Performances, April 1994

"Voyage des Tziganes ... fruit of long study and research ... a success from the point of view of critic and audience, who applauded at length ... a work of true value from every point of view."
Il Mattini, December 1981 (Italy)

"Voyage Tzigane and choreographic workshop ... a level of high quality ... the passionate temperament and technique together with a profound knowledge of dances of the world made Voyage des Tziganes faultless."
La Nouvelle République, Tours, December 1981

Performance in Paris
Ai To Chugui "Gloria Mandelik gave the best of herself in several solo dances where she displayed a technique and style worth dreaming of... An agreeable surprise ... Love and Duty (Ai To Chugui, choreographed by Gloria Mandelik, and danced by Gloria Mandelik, Tatsuo Sakai, Hans Wrona) evoking medieval Japan, creates tension ... this piece full of conflicts is excellent - The language is a curious combination of Japanese, Indonesian and Chinese dance, Classical Ballet and German Expressionism. In spite of these effects the whole stayed homogeneous."
Táncmüvészet, 1980 (Budapest)

"Ballet Clásico de Luis Fuente ... Fuente created a fine choreography, with the collaboration of Gloria Mandelik, to a raga by Ravi Shankar, and both danced with grace and delicacy."
Ya, June 1978 (Madrid)

"Ballet Clásico de Luis Fuente ... the most attractive is Apsara with music by Ravi Shankar - A pas de deux of great beauty, poetry, expressiveness and mystery ... Luis Fuente danced with Gloria Mandelik and both, especially she, who possesses charm and magic, attained tremendous success ... For this work alone the season should be prolonged."
El Imparcial, June 1978 (Madrid)

Apsara "Ballet Clásico de Luis Fuente ... a new element that enriches the company is the marvellous dancer Gloria Mandelik in her interpretation, partnered by Luis Fuente, of the Hindu fantasy Apsara. This choreography shows talent, excellent knowledge and good taste, and is executed in a splendid manner by both interpreters."
Ultima Hora, May 1978 (Palma de Mallorca, Spain)

"... colourful recital ... The appeal of the performances far exceeded the merely exotic. It was Dance demonstrating consummate skill, specialized in style but universal in quality."
The News, November 1976 (Mexico City)

"... one perceives the true technique and sentiment of the oldest schools of dance drama of India ... [she] dominates the immemorial Hindu-Natya ... full of wisdom in her art."
Excelsior, November 1976 (Mexico)

"The Indian Dance performances at UNESCO provided a delightful evening of entertainment ... I wish it could be repeated ... Mandelik's initiative to study classical dance in India and master it to perfection proves that culture is universal and has no national boundaries." UNESCO Paris
Opinion, UNESCO (G.V. Rao), February 1976 (Paris)

"... December 16th, 1975 ... as expected, the evening of Indian Dances was well prepared, well presented ... high quality of the execution of the various dances presented."
Opinion, UNESCO (Singh), February 1976 (Paris)

"... exotic and original performances of great beauty and plasticity."
ABC, June 1970 (Madrid)

"Filmfare Award guests were treated to alluring Spanish dances by Gloria Mandelik who is studying Bharata Natyam at Kalakshetra, Madras."
Times of India, June 1968 (Bombay)

"For the first time in a tablao flamenco ... Gloria ... beauty and artistry."
ABC, December 1967 (Madrid)

"Ravel's Bolero ... movements and developments worthy of the greatest praise ... soloists Teodoro Morca and Gloria accompanied Pilar López herself with exceptional merit in this dance."
El Diario Vasco, September 1965 (San Sebastian)

"Gloria is an exceptional beauty ... and her temperament and brilliance gave her dances extraordinary colour and vivaciousness."
El Pueblo, 1964 (Madrid)

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